Deputy Minister and Head of FRWO in a meeting with the professors of the Faculty of Natural Resources of the University of Tehran, held at FRWO's Headquarters on Tuesday, stated that the universalities are the scientific backbone and stronghold for the management of natural resources, and emphasized the targeted linkages of FRWO with the universities.

According to FRWO's website, Dr. Massoud Mansour said at the meeting: "I strongly believe that in order to advance the goals of natural resources management, FRWO needs to increase cooperation with various influential communities, especially the academia, within targeted linkages."

In this regard, Dr. Mansour reiterated: "To achieve organizational goals, he will use collective wisdom and opinions of scientific associations, academic and research centers, non-governmental organizations and members of the media."

He added that we have formulated a policy directive containing 18 guidelines as code of conduct with emphasis on cultural, behavioral and moral issues and the collaboration with the media, non-governmental organizations, and cooperatives, in addition to a strategic program including 4 strategic goals and 9 urgent programs.

He reiterated that all the Natural Resources and Watershed Management Departments (NRWDs) are to prepare a one-year action plan for natural resources management in their respective provinces, which will form a roadmap for implementation.

He said: "Organizational strategies have emphasized the need for continuous communication of natural resources management with the university and other influential communities."

Head of FRWO pointed out some of the organization's other priorities in the year of "Leap in Production" and announced that identification and demarcation of the forest reserves boundaries is another area of priority of FRWO based on the directive of 1993. He emphasized "All forest reserves will be identified and demarcated by FRWO based on indicators to be determined by High Council of FRWO".

In another part of his remarks, Dr. Mansour referred to the forest parks management based on FRWO's basic strategy and said: "The management of forest parks should be transferred to contractors through tenders based on decision of technical committees for their optimal protection."

Dr. Mansour mentioned rangelands should be managed based on new management plans. He stressed rangelands role pivotal in FRWO not only for livestock grazing but for economic production, and highlighted the need for their implementation within an economic plan with emphasis on medicinal herbs that will provide for their economic production."

He said: "Natural resource management plans will be a entry point natural resource graduates who will help them to engage in natural resources projects."

Head of FRWO also referred to the role of 300,000 volunteers in safeguarding natural resources throughout the country and called on the use of their capacity to protect natural resources by designing appropriate mechanisms and innovation.

He said: "With regard to wood farming, 30,000 hectares of lands have been identified, many of them are private estates to be irrigated by unconventional water."

Head of FRWO called the wood farming and exploitation of by-products in forests and rangelands, a huge wealth for land users that eliminate the incentives for illegal logging and said: "It is necessary that and exploitation of by-products to be subject to robust plans to prevent the extinction of rare species."

He defined the model of work in natural resources based on IWM approach and said: "Every farm under conservation plans will be supervised by a manager and security officer in Hyrcanian forests."

Mansour said within Logging Ban Initiative, FRWO has only stopped logging operation and other activities will be carried out in a significant part of these areas this year."