Head of FRWO said that the best way to control wild-land fires is to establish and equip fire fighting stations in remote forest areas and mobilize trained voluntary forces from local communities in the regions.

According to FRWO's website quoted from Iran Agriculture News Agency (IANA), Dr. Masoud Mansour, Deputy Minister and Head of FRWO who attended a live program in IRIB, regarding the recent wild-land fires in southern provinces said that the phenomenon of fire incidence in natural resources especially in fire season is normally due to rise in temperature and abundance of vegetations in understory of forests. He reiterated: "We have had a high probability of fire incidence this year due to torrential rain falls in the spring and abundance of one-year vegetations with the sharp rise in temperature in fire season."

Dr. Mansour referred to FRWO's preparedness in the provinces to control fire incidence in fire season and noted: "As a result of collaboration with local communities and other relevant agencies from 145 fire incidences in different parts of the country since the beginning of the new year, only 4 fires have yet to be put out mainly in the western areas".

He explained: "These four fires occurred generally in mountainous areas with no access road that make the dispatch of firefighters very difficult except by helicopters."

He also thanked the president's order in equipping FRWO with firefighting facilities and aerial of firefighting service and expressed hope that this trend would continue unabated in the future."

Dr. Mansour noted the approval of the Integrated Plan for the Forest Fires Prevention and Control (IPFFPC) a step forward in this regard and said: "The plan has that had been approved in the Sixth Development Plan, sets out the establishment of new fire fighting stations, as well as the required equipments and facilities."