The Minister of Agriculture Jahad elaborated the priority plans of the Ministry in the field of natural resources sector in the open session of the Parliament on Sunday.

According to FRWO's website, in this session Dr. Kazem Khavazi, Minister of Agriculture Jahad said: “FRWO carries out cadastral mapping in 1.4 million hectares of the country's rangelands annually, and in this regard, cadastral maps have been prepared for 76 million hectares of rangelands of which about 50,000 hectares of rangeland has been identified for development of medicinal herbs.”

Khavazi said" Currently, forests cover an area of 14.3 million hectares in five vegetation zones, in addition to 84 million hectares of rangelands, and 32.6 million hectares of deserts throughout the country,".

He stressed the implementation of cadastral mapping in 32 million hectares of natural resources said: "FRWO has targeted 30,000 hectares plantation in the form of wood farming, some 22,500 hectares in form of planted forests as well as forest development and enrichment in 40,000 hectares around the country."