According to FRWO's website, Massoud Mansour in a workshop in the field of firefighting management, which was held at the Kosar Cultural and Sports Complex of the Ministry of Defense and Armed Forces Logistics on Sunday, expressed his condolences on the demise of Alborz Zarei, a volunteer who died in a recent firefighting operation in the Gachsaran forests in Zagros and said: "FRWO intend to establish a specialized aerial firefighting company to fight wild fires in natural resources, as soon as it is approved by the Parliament."

He reiterated: "Since the beginning of April 2020, more than 730 fires have occurred in natural areas, of which only 6 have been prolonged due to difficulty in reaching to the areas and lack of helicopters equipped to firefighting facilities.”

Deputy Minister and Head of FRWO also emphasized that 5 of the Ministry's pivotal programs belong to FRWO, and noted: "The most important of these programs in natural resources management is the implementation of cadastral mapping in about 9 million hectares of the country's rangelands and the development of wood farming cultivation in30, 000 hectares for production of one million cubic meters of wood aimed at curbing illicit logging."

Mansour also anticipated the development of medicinal herbs in 50,000 hectares of rangelands by the end of the current year.