In the fifth meeting of FRWO's Steering Committee on Leap in Production, the acceleration of activities for implementation of the "9 in 99 initiative" was emphasized with the focus on priority areas".

According to FRWO's website, the "9 in 99 initiative" is based on the theme "Leap in Production in 2020" proclaimed by the Supreme Leader and the FRWO policies in support of the above theme.

In this meeting, Dr. Mansour considered FRWO's initiative an important factor in realizing the theme of Leap in Production in 2020 and called for robust planning, and dynamic implementation of the activities in 2020.

Deputy Minister and Head of FRWO also emphasized that 5 of the Ministry's pivotal programs belong to FRWO, and noted: "The most important of these programs in natural resources management is the implementation of cadastral mapping in about 9 million hectares of the rangelands and the development of timber farming cultivation in 30, 000 hectares aimed at the production of one million cubic meters of wood for curbing illicit logging."

Head of FRWO stressed that the execution of natural resource projects should totally comply with the approved TOR emanating from a management plan, with emphasis on execution by local communities and land-users.

Mansour hailed the role of the Agricultural and Natural Resources Engineering Organization (ANREO) in formulating the natural resource management plans, and called for the all-out support of ANREO's consultancy capacity in this regard.