Referring to the emphasis of the Supreme Leader and other officials towards the preservation of forests, the First Vice President said: "Conservation of forests, including the Caspian forests and the Zagros forests, is a serious national priority that has prompted the government to introduce the Logging Ban Initiative.


According to FRWO’s Website, quoted from GIC, Dr. Ishaq Jahangiri said in a meeting with senior managers of the Ministry of Agriculture Jahad on Tuesday afternoon that "Of course, factories have been established to produce wood in these areas. In order to continue the activities of these factories Ministry of Agriculture Jahad has taken new measures to supply raw materials for sawmills and MDF factories in the region through timber farming and round wood importation.

Referring to the recent fires in some forest areas of the country, the first vice president said: “Some officials in charge may comment that burning of a few hundred hectares of forest is negligible compared with millions of hectares of forests in the country, but it should be noted that fires in the forest is not acceptable to our people, and it is very sad for the people.”

Dr. Jahangiri emphasized that the Ministry of Jahad Agriculture should follow up the provision of aerial firefighting equipment with the Ministry of Defense and the Red Crescent facilitates the approval of a fire preparedness plan in the l National Disaster Management Organization.