Head of FRWO stressed that in order to preserve natural resources as a public asset (Anfal) and hand it over to future generations, safeguarding the ownership right of the public is a strategic goal.

According to FRWO’s website, Dr. Massoud Mansour noted: "As the Supreme Leader has emphasized, natural resources must be preserved as Anfal and a public asset and passed to next generations, therefore based on this guideline, any activity for preserving, conserving, developing and exploiting these invaluable resources in a sustainable manner is considered a strategic goal that must be pursued by FRWO for the public benefit.

He said that the main task of FRWO is to preserve national resources, through conservation activities, however physical and legal measures are highly on the agenda parallel to technical aspect. In fact, technical aspect complements physical and legal measures. He also cited an example of technical prominence of conservation with regard to implementation of range management plans and said when range management plans are being implemented by project managers, conservation goals are attained parallel to exploitation and restoration operations and FRWO will have a monitoring role in the implementation of these projects.

Deputy Minister stressed that implementation of "the 9 in 99 Initiative" in FRWO concurrent with the theme "Leap in Production in 2020" proclaimed by the Supreme Leader has given an accelerated momentum to the activities in FRWO.


Mansour also elaborated the goals set for attaining the upcoming programs and noted: "Considering the importance of these goals, FRWO has given a top priority to implementing cadastral mapping in about 32 million hectares of rangelands and the development of timber farming in 30, 000 hectares to produce one million cubic meters of wood aimed at boosting production, job creation and protection mechanism."


Emphasizing on the preparation of integrated and multi-purpose range management plans, Head of FRWO stated: "Rangelands are unique for the production and cultivation of medicinal herbs, and FRWO is planning to prepare range management plans for 15 million hectares of rangelands."


He reiterated: "In Tehran province, in addition to current programs, the green belt of the southern slopes of Alborz, and the management of forest parks are also on the agenda in 2020."