The second consignment of forest firefighting equipments was dispatched to 11 Zagros provinces.

Head of FRWO in the ceremony held at Headquarters on said: “The consignment is comprised of more than 16,000 individual firefighting items including protective clothing, protective boots, helmets, blowers, and flex backs, aimed at equipping the fire fighting staff and local communities that assist FRWO in suppressing wild-land fire.”


According to FRWO’s website, Massoud Mansour noted: "Our main priority in FRWO is to prevent the outbreak of fires in natural resources. However, there is a need to equip the provincial offices with firefighting items in the reminder of fire season especially in provinces with higher fire risk."


He reiterated: "The equipments not only help FRWO staff and volunteer groups to put out fires but to maintain their safety."

Mansour said: "The real need to firefighting services is more than offered now, and for this reason, FRWO has authorized provincial offices to contract with Basij Organization and local communities in provinces to monitor and control the areas."