Referring to the role and importance of Mount Damavand in Iranian culture and civilization, the First Vice President said: "Damavand has historically been a symbol of stability and resistance of the Iranian nation against crises and hardships, and it remains a public asset in its totality and under no circumstances any claim is accepted as to its ownership."

According to FRWO’s website, quoted from Government Information Center (GIC), Dr. Is’haq Jahangiri in a meeting on the issue of endowment of Mount Damavand on Saturday stated: “Both officials and public opinion are sensitive to any encroachment to natural resources that is part of our national heritage. Therefore, all effective measures must be taken to address the matter and prevent damage to public trust and social capital.”

Referring to the sensitivity of public opinion towards Mount Damavand as a symbol of national identity, Dr. Jahangiri said: “Fortunately, the views of Imam Khomeini, Supreme Leader, constitution and public laws regarding endowment of Anfal and the environment is crystal clear and there is no ambiguity in this regard.”


He added: “The Government has always made every effort to protect the national heritage and natural resources, and will not spare any action about Mount Damavand, to alleviate concerns of people.


Dr. Jahangiri, referring to the legal and administrative coordination of the Government institutions to preserve Damavand as the national heritage country and Anfal, said: “It is the duty of the Government to protect the national heritage as symbol of our identity.”