FRWO issued a statement regarding the national lands of Mount Damavand and Aq Mashhad forests, in Mazandaran province as follows:

In recent weeks, we have been witnessing the concerns and sensitivity of public opinion regarding the destiny of lands in Mount Damavand and the Aq Mashhad forests in Sari. FRWO wishes to commend all feedbacks and supports and consider them all as a strong social capital and driving force in safeguarding of natural resources.


Following the meeting which was held on Aug 1st 2020, chaired by the First Vice President attended by a group of Vice Presidents, relevant ministers and the minister of Agriculture Jahad, Heads of Forests, Range and Watershed Management Organization (FRWO), Endowments and Charity Affairs Organization (ECAO) and the Real Estate, Deeds and Properties Registration Department (REDPRD); All the officials at the meeting unanimously emphasized that Mount Damavand and the Hyrcanian forests and what is considered as Anfal (public assets) cannot be endowed and remains part of national capital in the custody of FRWO on behalf the government.

In this regard, any disputed claims on land endowment and ownership documents will be conferred and decided on in a joint working group in accordance with the current laws and regulations by competent authorities.

In the conclusion of the statement, FRWO assures the honorable people of Iran that it will spare no effort to safeguard the country's forests and rangelands as a rich legacy of the past to the future generations.