The meeting of the Command Headquarters of the “Resilient Economy” was held on Monday chaired by the First Vice President.

According to FRWO's website, quoted from Government Information Center (GIC), Dr. Is'haq Jahangiri in a meeting on national capacity to meet country's needs welcomed the report of the Ministry of Agriculture Jahad regarding the medicinal herbs development and processing industry and said: “Iran is a country that enjoys divine blessings in different ways; and its capacities can solve some problems in the country”.

First Vice President listed the project of the medicinal herbs development and processing industry among the priority projects in the country and stated: “Development and the production of medicinal herbs is one of the most important projects that resilient economy supports it because it relies on the national capabilities and capacities”.

Every year, the Secretariat of the Resilient Economy Command Headquarters assigns each ministry with a number of prioritized projects and the ministries are obliged to follow up on the implementation of the mentioned projects.