Head of FRWO announced the formulation of rangeland management plans for 5.4 million hectares of rangeland areas across the country last year.  

According to FRWO’s website, Dr. Massoud Mansour in a joint meeting with Head of Nomadic Mobilization (Basij) Organization / NMBO which was held at FRWO Headquarters on Monday, said: "According to Article 3 of the Protection and Utilization of Forests and Rangelands law (1967), any utilization and measures on natural resources should be carried out based on the preparation of the management plan." 

Mansour stated: "Management plan for rangelands acquires legal value, and all rehabilitation programs including improvement, protection, seeding, etc. are based on technical principles."

He pointed out that, on average one million hectares of range management plans have been prepared in the past years per year, and this figure has increased almost five times in the year of the “Leap in Production”.

In this meeting, Colonel Ahmad Saeedi, Head of Nomadic Mobilization Organization / NMO, said that the purpose of this meeting is to cooperate with FRWO to fulfill the strategic theme of the Supreme Leader in 2021 and reiterated that NMO strongly is mandated to cooperate with FRWO in related fields to contribute the implementation of programs.

Colonel Saeedi announced that currently there are 1.2 million nomads across the country and mentioned the role of NMO in facilitating the implementation of measures.