Dr. Masoud Mansour, Deputy Minister of Agriculture Jahad and Head of FRWO sent a message of condolence to Dr. Kalantari Head of Department of Environment (DoE) on the occasion of the martyrdom of two Environment Protection Guards on Tuesday.

According to FRWO's website, two Environment Protection Guards of Zanjan province named Mehdi Majallal and Mikael Hashemi were shot dead by a firearm last night. They were in chase of hunters driving a Nissan truck in the protected area of “Fileh- Khasseh” located in Zanjan province.

His message addressed to Head of Department of Environment (DoE) on Tuesday as follows:


Dear Dr. Issa Kalantari

Honorable Vice President and Head of Department of Environment,


The news of the death of two of the proud-hearted martyrdom of two members of Environmental Protection Guard in Zanjan province, the late Mehdi Majallal and Mikael Hashemi, who sacrificed their lives on the front lines of protection of environment and natural resources of our country, caused great emotion and sorrow. I hereby along with all forest guards across the country express my sympathy  and deep condolences on the death of these two committed members of Environmental Protection Guard to your Excellency and all their colleagues in the Department of Environment, and especially the honorable families of these great martyrs.

May Allah's lasting blessings and mercy be upon them and all martyrs.

Masoud Mansour,

Deputy Minister and Head of FRWO