Head of FRWO announced that 14 key actions to be implemented in 2021 have been prioritized under the slogan: “Production: Support and Removing Barriers” chosen by the Supreme Leader for new Iranian current year.

According to FRWO's website, Dr. Masoud Mansour in a video conference with Staff Managers and Provincial Director Generals of Natural Resources and Watershed Management Departments (NRWDs) in provinces held at FRWO Headquraters on Wednesday, stated that the protection of natural resources and the environment has always been emphasized by the Supreme Leader, and noted: "Some 14 pivotal actions in the form of the 1400 * 14 * 3 plan for all three parts of the slogan of persian calender 1400, including “Production: Support and Removing Barriers”,  has been taken that will be led to strengthening the protection, restoration and principled exploitation of the country's natural resources".