Massoud Mansour, Deputy Minister of Agriculture Jahad and Head of Forests, Range and Watershed management Organization (FRWO) met on Monday with Mohammad Nozari, Governor General of Ilam province.

According to FRWO's website, Mohammad Nozari, Governor General of Ilam, in this meeting held at FRWO Headquarters on Monday mentioned the measures of the province's natural resources management as unique measures and said: "Sustainable measures in the field of forestry and IWM have been taken in the province".

He reiterated: "Precipitation and rainfall in Ilam have been reduced by half this year, and last year, in the same period, the forest trees of the province had a fresh face. But this year, due to reduced rainfall and the effects of drought, they do not have the freshness and vitality of last year".


In this the meeting, Head of FRWO said: “Ilam is our most successful province and is always famous for presenting solutions in meetings”.

Massoud Mansour said: "Any support for Ilam province will not be neglected, because a province that works well should receive an award from the Headquarters."

Head of FRWO referred to the implementation of the 9 in 99 initiative and further announced the compilation of one-year action plan of FRWO last year and said: "This document was comprised of four strategic priorities as well as the 9 initiatives of FRWO in 2020 and submitted to Natural Resources and Watershed Management Departments (NRWDs) in provinces for implementation."