Head of FRWO during a one-day trip to Kurdistan province visited natural resources projects.

According to the FRWO's website, Massoud Mansour, Deputy Minister and Head of FRWO visited the aquifer project of Chamqolo village - Qorveh city, upon arrival in Kurdistan province. The project inaugurated in the presence of the governor and MP of Qorveh constituency.

Mansour accompanied by Parviz Garshasbi, Deputy Head for Watershed Management, Rangeland & Desert Affairs, Abbas Sami'e, Director General of Public Relations & International Affairs Bureau, and Rahim Rostamani, Director General of Capability Mapping & Exploitation of Natural Resources Bureau, visited Khamesan project and the 614-hectare economic afforestation project on the edge of Gavoshan dam in Kamyaran. This project has been implemented with the participation of the people as a tree-planting initiative with cultivation of economic forest species.