Head of FRWO announced that DSS hot spots in 160,000 hectares have been controlled in Khuzestan province.

According to FRWO's website, Massoud Mansour, Deputy Minister and Head of FRWO at the meeting of Khuzistan Crisis Management Headquarters with the agenda of the plan to revive dust storms and sand dune hot spots as well as water supply to DSS hot spots and palm trees in Shadegan held in the Governorate Headquraters on Thursday, announced: "Some 2,400 billion RLs has been allocated to control dust storms, that most of which have been allocated to Khuzestan province by FRWO in 2021".


Dr. Mansour noted: "There are 521,000 hectares of desert areas, of which 350,000 hectares areas have recently degredaded that have become DSS hot spots In Khuzestan province".


Mansour reiterated: "Some 61,000 hectares of Khuzestan hot spots have been controlled so far, however, other implementation have been carried out in the province including 81,000 hectares have been planted for stabilization, 150 hectares for windbreaks, 8,500 hectares for mulching, 16,000 hectares for runoff management and 186 hectares for protection.