Head of FRWO emphasized encouraging farmers to cultivate medicinal herbs and replacing these products with rein-fed cultivation in agricultural lands of Khuzestan province.

According to FRWO's website, quoted from Young Journalists Club (YJC), Massoud Mansour, Deputy Minister and Head of FRWO, during a trip to Khuzestan province and on the sidelines of a meeting with the Directors Generals of the Natural Resources and Watershed Management Department (NRWD) and Agricultural-Jahad Organization in Khuzestan said: "If the agricultural land is rain-fed, in the event of a drought in drought prone areas, it not only will not benefit the people, but the land itself will become a DSS hot spot".

Mansour referred to planting in 81,000 hectares of land in Khuzestan in order to stabilize hotspots and stated: "while about 150 hectares of these areas have been controlled by mulching with the implementation of live and non-living windbreaks, about 85 hectares have been controlled by mulching, but according to the new instructions, desert areas of Khuzestan are not included in the mulching plan for this year. FRWO will use new and alternative mulching sprays."