Deputy Minister and Head of FRWO said: "The full implementation of the national land cadastre in order to prevent land grabbing and optimize resource utilization, based on the FRWO's goals, will be completed by the end of September this year".


In an interview with IRNA on Tuesday on the sidelines of the ceremony of opening two IWM projects held in Kashan, Massoud Mansour reiterated: "After the national land cadastre in the first six months of this year, the second six months will be spent reviewing, revising the plans to reverse the process of land degradation and improve land use in the remaining small areas."

Pointing out that about 125 million hectares of the country are in need of IWM operations to control water erosion, he said: "So far, about 31 million hectares of operations have been carried out".

Head of FRWO announced the implementation of the timber farming project, including green industries, among other programs of FRWO and said: "The implementation of this project, in addition to meeting the needs of the country's wood industries and strengthening and developing this industry, is also enhances the rate of production and employment".

Emphasizing the leap made in the implementation of the country's timber farming plan, of which 22,500 hectares were carried out last year, Mansour noted: " The implementation of 40,000 hectares of the timber farming plan is targeted this year".

Regarding the fires in forest and rangelands, Head of FRWO said that the fires are mainly caused by human activity and some fires are intentional. 

Mansour announced that one of the approaches to natural resources management is the development of medicinal herbs in 80 million hectares of the country's rangeland area and said: "Range Management plans have been prepared for more than 30 million hectares with a schedule of two to three years so that remaining rangeland areas can have a plan".