According to FRWO’s website, the meeting of Zagros Forest Management Working-Group, chaired by Dr. Masoud Mansour, Head of FRWO was held at FRWO Headquarters on Wednesday with the agenda of the review and edit the draft document on protection and sustainable management of Zagros ecosystem in the presence of a number of representatives and members of the executive bodies associated with the National Steering Committeefor the Protection of Zagros Forests.

In this meeting, Dr. Massoud Mansour, referring to the first session of the National Steering Committee for the Protection of Zagros Forests and the approvals of this meeting , pointed out the challenges and problems in the Zagros forests and reiterated: "Zagros forests play a vital role in our lives due to various vital ecosystem functions in the field of sustainable development, rain water harvesting, soil conservation, ensuring food security, and there should be no delay or interruption in the process of approval of the Committee and its notification to the relevant agencies.