Head of FRWO on the sidelines of the meeting of the executive plan for the protection of the country's forests said: "Opportunities in natural resources management are very limited and FRWO should step forward with more perseverance, Jihadi management and leapfrog movement towards advancing the goals and programs of natural resources management".

According to FRWO’s website, Massoud Mansour in response to a question about some of the performance criticism of FRWO in cyberspace, said: "We thank all those who are really interested in natural resources management and help us achieve our goals and plans. We welcome constructive criticism of FRWO because constructive criticism that is based on real information, improves development programs. Some of the criticism may not be on the right note, but many of it if considered by FRWO can be helpful in the real-time assessment of the needs and expectations of the people from FRWO. Some contents should not bother us and discourage us from the important goals and programs in natural resources management".

He emphasized that FRWO should carry out conservation and restoration programs in natural resources sector with jihadi management, and as the Supreme Leader in a recent meeting with the President and the 13th Cabinet reiterated, "Do not wast the times that belong to the people and Islam." Mansour noted: "At the same time, there are supervisory bodies in the country which supervise the work of executive agencies."