Head of FRWO reiterated: "Detection of corruption and violations of natural resources' rights is one of the measures taken by the Central Security Bureau, but the main task of the Central Security Bureau is to prevent and monitor loopholes that cause corruption. These loopholes should be eliminated to prevent natural resources' rights from violations." 


According to FRWO’s website, Massoud Mansour, Head of FRWO in a webinar meeting with the directors of Security Bureaus in Natural Resources and Watershed Management Departments (NRWDs) in the provinces, held at FRWO Headquarters on Monday considered transparency and decision-making process based on collective wisdom very important and reiterated: "If FRWO achieve based on collective decision-making by rational agents, corruption and violation of rights will surely be reduced." 


He stated that FRWO mandated to protect and preserve natural resources and emphasized: "Forest reserve in our country which is protected through FRWO's measures is home to many rare and endangered plant species, and further identification of these areas prevents more transfer of these lands".