Deputy Inspection Organization of Iran said that there is a need to pay serious attention to the budget and laws of FRWO.

According to FRWO’s website, Gholam-Abbas Turki, Deputy Inspection Organization of Iran, in a meeting with the managers of the Forests, Range and Watershed Management Organization (FRWO) held at FRWO Headquarters on Wednesday said: "Biosafety in the field of water, soil, forests and range is the main challenge today. Based on FRWO's security functions, FRWO should have more support in all aspects, including funding and budgets.

Mr. Turki stating that National and state lands are part of Anfal and need to be well protected pointed out: "In many developed and industrialized countries of the world, private property is not possible".

Turki further referred to the plan to remove barriers to production and agriculture and said: "This plan has been proposed in the parliament and its purpose is to eliminate barriers to production, but in practice it may cause problems in the field of national land grabbing. Anyway, despite the errors this issue should be followed up."

He noted that natural resources management activities takes place to a great extent and noted:  "without the participation of the people, forests and rangelands will not be protected".