Minister of Agriculture Jahad said: "Measures taken by FRWO in Ilam's natural resources management are unique. The measures taken by FRWO in this province in the field of re-afforestation based on water-saving technologies are unique and only a few countries in the world do such re-afforestation."

According to FRWO’s website, Sadati Nejad, Minister of Agriculture Jahad announced in a report to the President at a meeting of the Administrative Council of Ilam province reiterated: "Significant progress is observed in this area in visiting the province's afforestation projects."

He noted: "Ilam province is ranked first place in the production of seedlings and afforestation in the country".

Minister of Agriculture Jahad said: "Considering the remarkable progress and success of the province, an annual budget is allocated for 20,000 hectares of forestry and 4,000 hectares of wood farming in this province."

Sadati Nejad said: "Ilam has carried out significant activities in the field of operations and implementation of Integrated Management of Watershed (IWM) and aquifer recharge projects, so that Ilam is a leading province in this field".

Minister of Agriculture Jahad considered Ilam province rich in forest resources and rangelands and said that richness of forest resources and rangelands in Ilam province is divine blessing, and noted that the maintenance and protection of these resources by the Natural Resources and Watershed Management Department (NRWD) of Ilam is well done.