In a decree by Mohammad Ali Fattahi Ardekani, Director General of Engineering and Studies Bureau of FRWO, on Tuesday, November 23, Eng. Seyyed Saeed Sadati was appointed as the Head of Natural Resource Early Warning and Hazard Monitoring Center.

Based on the reports quoted from FRWO's website, establishment of this center targets FRWO's needs to be met.  FRWO's targets need to be met; therefore, FRWO needs to utilize innovation initiatives and new technologies such as areal monitoring of forests online system equipped with light aircraft, systems for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), wireless technology, Anti-Smuggling alarm systems for trees in forest, real time Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) and monitoring system and installing CCTV cameras. The new methods seem to be necessary in natural resources management. The most important job descriptions of the center are the above mentioned before setting the final document. 

 افتتاح مرکز پایش و هشدار مخاطرات طبیعی کشور