Code of Conduct

Codes of conduct of FRWO  

We, the staff of FRWO, with reliance to the ever- lasting power of the Almighty Allah and inspiration from teachings of Islam, Holy Quran, sacred infallibles, and martyrs of Islamic revolution and Goals of Imam Khomeini, the founder of I. R. of Iran and guidelines of Supreme Leader and with strong belief to providing genuine service to people and protecting Islamic values, culture and revolutionary management in line with the glamour of natural resource and watershed management, feel duty bound to observe the principles of Ethical Codes as follows:

A) Ethical Codes of Staff:

- Safeguard Islamic values and revolutionary norms inspired by faith, piety, devotion, self confidence, honesty, confidentiality, fulfillment of obligations and vows, etc

- Consider labor as worship and belief to participation principle, organizational unity and rule of law, work ethic, order, discipline, justice in carrying out duties

- Be loyal to Islamic values and norms and adhere to Islamic dress code

- Respect human magnanimity and rights and strive to protect its sanctity

- Protect public assists and avoid extravagance and wasting public properties

- Render sincere service and be accountable to clients in a transparent, precise and timely manner

B) Ethical Codes of FRWO:

- Prevail the rule of law and create an enabling bed for implementation of, innovation, self actualization and inventions

- Strive to promote a culture that respects natural resources

- Disseminate information and enhance the transparency of activities

- Strive to preserve, rehabilitate and develop natural resources and to engage people in all activities

- Establish the monitoring and evaluation system of natural resources

- Exercise a harmonized and integrated management in watershed basins

- Improve governance and prevent and combat corruption

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