FRWO is a state agency responsible for natural resources management that comprises of four departments and six independent bureaus as well as a high council and a natural resources guard, with 32 natural resources administrations or General Directorates at provincial level. These four departments are as follows:

1- Forestry Department
2- Conservation and Land Affairs Department
3- Watershed Management, Range & Desert Affairs Department
4- Planning, Management and Resources Development Department


Conservation, restoration, sustainable development and exploitation of forests, rangelands, wooded lands, coastal areas and soil and water conservation based on sustainable development approach and through integrated watershed management.


- Formulation of policies and strategies for natural resources and integrated watershed management as well as implementation of development programs for natural resources and watershed management within the goals of sustainable development.  

- Conservation, protection and sustainable utilization of forests, rangelands, deserts and watershed basins throughout the country.

 - Determination and delineation of public and private lands to secure the state sovereignty over national property.

- Study the watersheds throughout the country aimed at planning and formulating integrated plans and implementation of natural resources and watershed management projects. 

- Development of timber cropping and man-made forests and rangelands and restoration of degraded forests and rangelands, with emphasis on genetic resources and biodiversity conservation.

- Improvement of efficiency of executive activities through optimum planning and monitoring.

- Optimization of production and exploitation systems of natural resources and watershed management, using indigenous knowledge.

- Mobilization of public participation of individuals and legal entities in natural resources and watershed management activities.

- Formulation, commissioning and updating of natural resources and watershed management communication system aimed at boosting public awareness and developing a culture that respects natural resources.

- Development of management and human resources aimed at enhancing organizational productivity and effectiveness.


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